Dues are $225.00 per year with a one time application fee of $600.00 (both subject to CT dues tax of 10%). All members are subject to a $600.00 captial range assessment payable over six (6) years starting within the year of joining the club. This special range assessment was essential in order to construct on the new indoor shooting range.

Membership Process

The first step is completing our downloadable application form and submitting it via email to the NHSC Membership Chairman. After your application has been received, you will be contacted to confirm your application.

You will be invited for orientation after which you will undergo an extensive evaluation of your understanding and application of the club's rules and regulations. Once signed off by the training coordinator you will be voted in as a probationary member (1 year probation) at either the January, April, July or October meeting.

Attendance of this meeting is required for applicants, however special accommodation can be made for applications who work evening hours. Please inform the membership chairman if you have a work conflict.


  • DO Download the PDF application form below. (Download & Install Adobe Acrobat if necessary)
  • DO Fill out application
  • DO Verify that your application is complete and that your information has been saved in the document
  • DO Email completed application to
  • DO NOT Fill out application in your browser window.
  • DO NOT Print application and fill out manually
  • DO NOT Sign application

Digital Application Form

Click on the application link below to download to your computer and complete the form electronically. Email the completed form to, paper forms will NOT be accepted. Please do not digitally sign your application, that will be taken care of during your orientation. Our membership chairman will contact you as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you soon.

Membership Application Form »