Address: 4158 Durham Road (Rt. 77) Guilford, CT 06437 Club House Telephone: (203) 457-9901

For Officer & Committee Chair contact details please refer to the club meeting minutes.

For general inquiries please contact

For questions about joining NHSC please email For information on membership please visit our membership page.

NHSC Officers

President Wolfgang Hinz
Vice President John Carter
Recording Secretary Jason Cavallaro
Financial Secretary Harold Bellmore
Treasurer John Battista

NHSC Directors

Jack Gorfien
Jon Ingersoll
Glen Johnson
Joe Locke
Scott LoPinto
Joel Otte

NHSC Committee Chairs

Archery Chad Ellis
Children’s Educational Activities Jeff Allen
Fishing George Emanuel
Health & Safety James Santanelli
House & Grounds John Carter & Ron Liska
Hunting Chad Ellis
Information Technology Dave Lawcock
Kitchen Hal Bellmore & Dave Erff
Scholarship Bill Kershaw
Land Acquisition Rob Shanley
Membership Scott LoPinto
NRA Liaison Mark Lawlor
Community Relations Glenn Johnson
Sunshine Rob Shanley
Ways & Means Scott LoPinto
Youth and Women’s Shooting Events Dick Lalumiere, Joe Anderson & Pat Wakefield
Rules Enforcement Ted Piascyk
Range Maintenance John Carter & Ron Liska


Spot an issue in the ranges or around the club house, please submit maintenance requests here.

Friday Night Plates

Contact Dave Heinig for schedule and information (203) 780-1600 or e-mail to: For more details please visit

Military Rifle Matches

Contact Ed Southard for schedule and information (203) 213-1347 or e-mail to:

100 Yard .22 League

100 yard league end April through Mid September 9am - 7pm. Contacts:Bill Liedtke (203) 457-0540 or e-mail to:, Pete Snyder (203) 605-2260 or e-mail to:, Scott Mason (203) 668-8571

S.A.S.S. Cowboy Shoots

Please click on the link for all CT Valley Bushwackers info.

NRA Certified Instructors

NHSC members who are NRA certified pistol instructors and requested they be listed as offering classes. Some offer additional types of training.

Jeremie Elliot 203-887-0146 New Haven
George Emanuel 860-949-2883 East Haddam
Steven Formica 203-200-9470 Northford
Tom Gallaghler 203-214-0722 North Branford
Lawrence Golembleski
Jack Gorfien 203-530-9908
Francis Merante 203-710-0236
Joe Morrow 203-318-6040 Madison
Tim Rockefeller 203-671-4337 North Branford
Thomas Smith 203-314-3156
Ed Southard 203-213-1347
NOTE: The New Haven Sportsman’s Club does not endorse or sponsor instructors. Information provided as a public service.